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4th Annual First Day Hike

Our 4th annual First Day Hike at Trough Creek State Park was quite a success.  Even with the colder temperatures hikers both young and old came out to celebrate the start of 2024.  Park manager Joe Basil welcomed everyone to the park and thanked them for attending.  He then introduced group member Brandon Rhodes who offered some information about our “friends group” and historical facts about the former museum.  Our 40 plus participants began their informational journey at the former museum and proceeded to the iron furnace, then continued up to the Paradise Furnace Cemetery.  Upon arrival to the cemetery our large group were offered additional historical facts then proceeded to the Nicholas Crum trail intersection.  At this point hikers had a choice of choosing the cemetery loop, which is a shorter hike, or continuing out the Crum trail for a longer 3 mile total trek.  The group had refreshments available for the hikers as they returned.  To all in attendance we hope you enjoyed your hiking experience and hope to see you in 2025! 

The Latest from your Friends!

We are excited to announce an addition to our playground at Trough Creek State Park Campground.  We have purchased a slide and are anxiously awaiting for its arrival and hope to have it installed as weather permits.


After three years of fundraising our playground for the campground at Trough Creek State Park has finally become a reality. Our friends group is beyond excited to see it complete. We have had our obstacles to overcome but what a beautiful result! Our group has held first day of trout season events as a fundraiser and we have received some private monetary donations, however wood sales at the campground has been our primary money maker.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has helped to support our friends group.  Your generosity has been very much appreciated. The friends group would also like to acknowledge and say thank you for the very professional job from Tanner Manspeaker of T&C Excavating and Trucking Inc. of Saxton for all site preparation.  Last and certainly not least we want to thank park manager Joe Basil for his support throughout the project.

Attention Campers!

Firewood for Sale! Just $5.00 a Bundle!

Our volunteers work hard during the fall and winter months cutting, splitting and bundling firewood to be sold within the campground. The selling of firewood contributes to improvements made at both respective parks. Your honesty is greatly appreciated.

I’m sure many of you have noticed on your way to camp at Trough Creek State Park there are quite a few places to buy firewood. When you purchase firewood from our group 100% of proceeds are used to make improvements within the park. We appreciate your support. Thank you!

Upcoming Work Days!

Nothing to report! Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Mission:

The Friends of Trough Creek and Warriors Path State Parks exists to be stewards of the parks' natural beauty; to promote the history of the parks and the communities surrounding them; to educate visitors; and to develop, restore and maintain the parks' resources to expand opportunities for recreation in all seasons.

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