Below is  a list of upcoming projects our Friends group has in the works.

Recreational Improvements

An indefinite hold has been placed on a playground at Warriors Path State Park with focus shifting more toward recreational improvements. These decisions come after a strong discussion involving input from group and community members as well as the park manager.

Please use the link below to view some ideas that were laid out at our last meeting as well as let us know some of your recreational ideas for Warriors Path State Park!

Piece of History

This amazing log cabin has withstood the tests of time for well over 100 years! Many park goers remember it as the Museum for the park but before this it is reported to be where the iron workers stayed during the operation of the nearby iron furnace. It is truly a great symbol for history at Trough Creek. However, as time takes its toll on everything, it now threatens this beautiful structure. Help us raise awareness as well as funds to have our beloved cabin restored and protect against future damage. 

We may have some exciting news on this endeavor soon!

Stay Tuned for More...