Below is a list of major projects our Friends group has completed in its lifetime.

Volleyball Anyone?

The Friends group spread sand at the volleyball court at Trough Creek on September 4th 2020 just in time for the upcoming Holiday weekend. It has been very well received by the park guests and has seen a lot of use!

See what the local paper had to say courtesy of Mr. Adam Watson!

Table Kits!

New wooden tables will take the place of metal ones which are currently under the CCC Era Pavilions as well as various other places throughout the park. The group plans to continue assembling wooden picnic tables as needed by the park.

Yet More Volleyball!

A few of our members were at Warriors Path on May 25th spreading sand and installing the volleyball net at pavilion number 2. The court was completed and ready for use just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to those members who were available to help!

Tree Planting!

A handful of our members met at Trough Creek to plant the trees donated to the park by Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation. Thank you to our members and Mike Garbinsky, park naturalist, for helping out!

Stay Tuned for More...